The Importance of Changing Your Transmission Fluid

January 26th, 2022 by

New Lexus vehicles are known for their reliability. But that doesn’t mean that every part of your Lexus RX will last for the long run. Things wear out over time, including fluids like motor oil and transmission fluid.

Is it time for your next Lexus service appointment at O’Brien Lexus of Peoria? Here’s how to know when your transmission requires service.

What Transmission Fluid Does
To understand why transmission fluid needs to be changed every once in a while, it helps to understand what it actually does. In some ways, it’s similar to motor oil, in that in keeps parts cooled and lubricated.

Also like motor oil, transmission fluid wears out with time and use. But transmission fluid has an extra job your motor oil doesn’t. It actually works somewhat like hydraulic fluid, facilitating easier and smoother shifts. If it can’t do its job, your gearbox can’t either.

When to Get New Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid lasts about 100,000 miles, so when you hit that service interval, it’s a good idea to have your fluid changed. These signs will let you know if you need to see our Lexus dealers for transmission service:

Red puddles under your car
Stiff gearshifts
Grinding noises when gears change
Hesitant shifts
Difficult acceleration
Burning smell
Check engine light is on
Why Visit Our Lexus Dealership for Service?
Many transmissions are sealed, and if a transmission flush is performed instead of proper drainage, the pressure can damage the seals or dislodge debris, leading to leaks and a variety of other problems. Because you want the job done right the first time, visit our Lexus service center at O’Brien Lexus of Peoria. We offer top-quality service performed by qualified technicians who only use genuine parts.

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